Executive Summary

By | September 24, 2015

Our Situation today is not much different from our situation in 2011 depicted in the following graphics:

We use 30% of our Energy Budget and 20% of our Greenhouse Emissions to produce, transport, process, advertise, distribute, cook and throw away FOOD.

Most of the energy we use to produce food is fossil: Coal, Oil, Gas.

The difference between 2011 and 2015 is, we have gotten richer (money wise per head) and more (headcount wise), so the current numbers are: Another 20% more Energy is used for food than before. And: we still use roughly TEN units of fossil energy per ONE unit nutritional value.

This is not sustainable.

We have to move from the current system to a better system and we have to move fast.

We at KLIMAFARM.COM call that “building an efficient green infrastructure on the large scale”.

That is not only a necessity, this is also BIG BUSINESS and a giant job and wealth creation scheme, creating wealth and jobs by regenerating natural resources worldwide and locally.

Mass migration from the GDP poor to the GDP rich countries as we start to see it today, is very often caused by damaged green infrastructure that cannot sustain and nourish the people living in these countries. “Go North” is not a solution though, because the North lives – to a large extent – from importing wealth from the South.

Food for Germany for example is produced worldwide. The area used by Germany for agriculture abroad is larger than the arable land in Germany.


Frank Fremerey, 16 September 2015 (last edit 1. October 2015 — 1 Calorie in Nutrition is one Kilocalorie in Physics. Therefore the factore is TEN, not TEN THOUSAND)

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